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Tropic Tactical

Enhanced Vehicle Glass Coatings

Get the Ultimate upgrade to your police vehicle by obsuring visual perception
of the occupants from outside the cruiser while still allowing for your personal
seated within to monitor their surroundings.

Creating an enhanced level of officer safety is our primary objective.

  • • Increased glass tensile strength
  • • 10 Shades of film for your exact specifications
  • • Ceramic signal enabling technology
  • • HD Clarity for video and visual surveillance
  • • Superior heat/UV rejection
  • • Create covert weapons storage
  • • Officer safety and defense
  • • Witness anonymity
  • • 0% interference transmitting or receiving radio, Wi-Fi and celluar signals
  • • Surveillance vehicles need not reposition in direct sunlight

Professionally Installed by Manufacturer Licensed, Certified and Insured Window Film Contractors.

Energy Star The National Fenestration Rating Council The American Institute of Architects American Society of Interior Designers Building Owners and Managers Association International Glass and Glazing Federation National Association of Energy Service Companies Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators International Facility Management Association Specialty Equipment Market Association European Window Films Association International Window Film Association Protective Glazing Counsel Clinton Climate Initiative TÜV SÜD America Inc U.S. General Services Adminstration The Skin Cancer Foundation U.S. Green Building Council