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Architectural Window Tinting


Add a Touch of Style for Less

Adding style or design to the windows and glass within your home or business does not have to be a major expense. Decorative film can create the same look as etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

Infinite Uses

Decorative window film can be used on doors, privacy screen or partitions, or in conference rooms, offices and hallways in commerical spaces. Decorative film can give your business distinction and style.

Glass Enhancement Film does more than
just enhance aesthetics; it serves vital functions,
and can be applied to:
Glass Enhancement Film can be used to:
  • Glass Partitions
  • Retail Displays
  • Walkways
  • Office Doors
  • Conference Rooms
  • Private Spaces
  • Make glass surfaces clearly & beautifully visible
  • Delineate passageways
  • Enhance safety in public spaces
  • Add flexibility to displays

Green Solution

Solutia's Performance Films Products Deliver Positive Impact for the Environment. Click here to learn more.

Allows Natural Light In

There are plenty of places for decorative window film in your home also. It can be applied to your front door, in your bathroom and kitchen or on the exterior of your home, whereever there is glass. Not only does decorative film add a unique look to any room, but it is also an great choice for creating privacy while still allowing natural light in.

Huge Selection

Decorative window film offers so many choices. Fabric, frost and matte patterns create privacy and elegance for offices or home baths. Prism and dots as well as stripe, border and line patterns add style to hallways, conference rooms and partitions to your business or home. For an extra unique look, gradation and a combination patterns can give you even more options for your home or office.

Easily Update the Look of Any Room or Office

One big advantage of decorative film is the flexibility it gives you. Styles tend to look dated time, with decorative film, you can change the look and feel of any room by simply replacing the film. You won't have the high cost to of replacing etched or custom glass and it is very easy to change.

Protects Against UVA Rays and Shattering

Decorative window film also provides glare reduction and UV light deflection. The film also holds glass together if a window break should in your home or business, making if safer for your employees or family.

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